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Translated by: The Horror Is Alive


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Book Translation

Evil thoughts, fall like drops into a clear stream. They silently form ripples on the water and before long the stream will be stained as if by mud. The pure heart is led astray, manipulated and fettered in chains as if by a curse.

There is a village, guided by evil teachings, a village of sadness. No flowers by the road, no joyful voices, no trace of the warmth of life anywhere to be found. The only clue to who the villagers that used to live here were, lay in sketches and poorly written memos scattered about and left behind.

In this village,

The people cherish their elders, their neighbors and their children's smiling faces. It's a simple and joyous life, where people work hard to keep up old customs and traditions. A peaceful life. During this gentle period of time, I was born, and returned to the soil. I love this village.

I wish it could have continued like that forever. Sometimes I would stop by to borrow the village's writing brush, and write down things about this wonderful village,to pass on to the yet unborn children of coming generations.

Both men and women worked hard in the village.When the sowing season arrived, the entire village was busy with the preparations. In the refreshing morning sun, the bell would ring, and people would head for the farms. Beads of sweat glimmered in the sun on the foreheads of the men cultivating the soil. The women would sing and talk to each other, but they were also busy helping with the sowing. At noon, everyone would sit down and relax, and eat their lunches that had been packed for them. The newly baked bread prepared by the men's wives would help them recover from their fatigue. And then, it was back to work.

To the villagers, working the fields was like raising children. With the love of the villagers, and nature's blessing, there would be a good harvest before long.

It was the same for me. Even the kids would start helping out with tending the cows and chickens at a very young age. Since they were just kids, it was hard work transporting the buckets full of milk that the men had milked from the cows. The blood ties in the village were strong, you might say that the village was like one big family. It was a strong bond, that led everyone in the village to help one another out. Every boy in the village knew that when they grew up, they would help the village prosper to the best of their ability.

My father was a man of few words, but he had a firm grip on the udders of the cows, and he let me taste some milk from his finger. It had a faint sweetness, and a very rich flavor. It was delicious. In just a few hours, we would get to drink this milk at home.

In the afternoon of our day off, one of my friends invited us over for dinner. He was working on excavating the old castle nearby. Since he was happy to be able to do his part in such an important job, he told us about it and boasted a bit. They had many delicious dishes lined up. But for me, the biggest feast was sitting down together, like a family. In this house as well, they valued the furniture and tableware of old times, and took good care of it. They led a simple life, much like our family, but the orderly fashion in which they had lined up everything was very nice.

In the garden outside, they had a small flower bed. They lined up in front of it, and I grabbed my brush. As thanks for the dinner, I painted a portrait which they could hand over to their baby when he grew up. They all smiled, shyly. Thank you, for your cute smiling faces!

In this village, there is a tale that has been passed down through generations. It is a tale of praise, of the first lord of the castle, who fought paganism in this place. Thanks to that lord, this village exists, and we can continue to live in peace. Usually, it is a tale told by grandparents to their grandchildren, while the child's mom and dad are out working. In the house next door, the grandmother told it to her granddaughter while sewing. And one day, that granddaughter shall most likely be a grandmother herself, and she will tell the tale to her grandchildren in the same fashion.

The original lord of the castle was a man with a strong sense of justice, who protected the villagers. But the current lord, sir Ramon...

The time of the harvest has finally come! There looks to be a big harvest surplus this year, which we can sell at a good price in the neighboring town. For that money, we'll be able to buy things that aren't available at the village, such as gasoline. The villagers all worked together to load the truck with the surplus crops, and even though it was hard work, the children also helped out. The driver stepped on the gas pedal, and the truck rolled off. Children are to be treasured, that is what everyone in the village has been brought up to know. Everyone wishes for nothing but the children to grow up to be strong and healthy.

When all the work was done, it was already sunset. Tomorrow is the harvest festival! I should go to sleep early today and wake up early tomorrow.

Today is the harvest celebration. A ceremony to thank nature for our good harvest. Eat well, as much as you like, dance in a circle, and after all the fun you lie down and watch the starry sky. And even though it's late at night, the children are allowed to
stay up and play for as long as they can muster. Since this is one of the few special festive days for the village, the parents are willing to let the kids stay up just for tonight. And since they've all been working so hard, they enjoy this special day together. Some people read the stories they've written out loud, families join together and sing in chorus, and some people tell that special someone how they feel about them. And finally, the man with the guitar plays his song and sings his thanks for the good harvest. As he sings, even the most shy people of the village join in, and smile as the village is joined in happiness.

For some reason, the village chief did not show up this year. But, lord Mendez is probably in the church with the priest, working hard and couldn't make it, I suppose.

Around here, lots of people work together to cook. Everyone does their fair share. We use crops that grow around the village, milk from the cows, eggs from the chickens, fish from the river, ingredients that we collectively bought from town, and then everyone takes their share back home. My brother, who lived nearby, had loaded his wagon with his goods, and the two of us walked off with the sun shining on us through the leaves. We heard birds sing, looked at flowers by the roadside, and had fun talking to each other all the way to his home. My brother's family came outside to meet up with him, and as he waved at them both he and his horse picked up the pace as they headed for the house. He tied the horse to the gatepost. It had carried some of our late father's things that my brother was going to take care of. It was about time for me to go back home, but it was nice to spend some time with my brother.

Since the village chief had announced that he wanted everyone in the village to gather up for church next Sunday,I reminded my wife and daughter that we had to go there.

After the village chief was done, lord Saddler held his sermon. Lord Saddler was a person that the village chief respected and revered, and a higher-up in the Los Illuminados religious organization. He had come here especially for the sake of us villagers, and he held a wondrous sermon that lasted for hours. Instead of just trying to purify the sinful blood of heathens like us, he tried to teach us how tocleanse our soul, and find the real way to happiness.

Heathen... I wonder if he was one as well. My friend, who invited us over for dinner, that is. Shortly after that, his personality had
taken a complete turnaround, from calm to violent. It was frightening... If one does not attend the sermons, they can't find the way to happiness.

The religious organization, Los Illuminados, was there to protect us, and save us from ourselves. Such a generous deed, such a wonderfully generous deed!

In order to purify our sinful blood, our hearts had to become like one. We had to put an end to our unclean bloodline. All the villagers lined up, to receive the sacred blood. This time, it was my brother's turn. Suddenly, he looked at me and screamed "Brother! Help me!" He was refusing to take part in the ceremony. In order for us villagers to become one, it was imperative that no one refused. Everyone present consulted the kind village chief and lord Saddler on what to do about it. After having talked to my brother's family, and they too having accepted the ceremony, my brother accepted it before long.

On this day, we villagers came to know the truth. The first lord of the castle had become jealous of the Los Illuminados, and gotten to be in the way of their good deeds. And Lord Ramon had, in order to restore relations with the religious organization, contributed greatly to their cause. Which meant that the tale passed down through generations had been nothing but one big fake.

I wonder if the hindrance was out of their way now...My wife coughed, and let the concern show on her face. Shortly after having dinner, my daughter suddenly started foaming from her mouth! Her face was warped as by terrible pain, and her limbs were shaking furiously! I have to help her! Oh my goodness, what should I do!? My daughter... my precious daughter... is DEAD! I looked at my wife, she just stood their with an expressionless look on her face. I just can't believe what just happened... I refuse to believe it!

My head started hurting, as if it was about to split in two. It felt as if all the blood in my body was boiling, like a terribly painful fever. The next moment, I suddenly heard my daughter's voice in my head, and my entire body started shaking."You worthless piece of shit!"

I ran over to my brother's house as fast as I could. Something was wrong with his son. He was sick in bed, and around his mouth were traces of him coughing up blood. I asked him, and he said his entire body was in pain. His eyes glared at me, stained with madness, and I covered my ears trying to shut his words of pain out.

Over the next few days, all the children in the village had died. Our precious children were all gone, not a single one left. Not a single one...

The number of adults who were going mad, or had lost all signs of emotion, was growing fast. Some would go around doing strange things, some refused to eat, and others would go around muttering as if they were speaking ill of someone, leave for a long while, and then come back.

This morning... I also coughed up blood.

We have received a message from the village chief. "Lord Saddler's life may be in danger. If someone starts snooping around here, kill them." Kill any intruders on sight!

The head of one of the men in front of me split in two.

For our great lord Saddler! Please bless us with your next order!

The village is now an embodiment of fear. With people who lost their way, scheming people, people who seek conflict.